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Property Selling Due To Divorce Florida

Do you or someone you know have a property selling due to divorce Florida? Divorce is one of the most difficult and traumatic situations anyone can ever find themselves in. Dividing the assets is often the most fought over process of divorce.  However for those that decide to sell their home due to painful memories you came to the right place. The next step is the home selling process where many people get overwhelmed and do not know where to start. Fortunately, we have some home selling tips for YOU! So your home does not sit on the open market for up to 6 months or more.

           Home Selling Tips 

  •  For starters invest in the home and any repairs it may need or renovations to get it best prepared for the open market. Thoroughly clean, paint, change out the light fixtures and bulbs, as well update appliances and furniture.


  • Test the open market yourself keep in mind that this is a process and will take some time. If the market is not fairing well your next step may be a realtor, however, do not forget that this will take at least 3 months to a year and at closing, you will pay all closing costs as well as the realtors 6-8% commission. In theory, this would roughly be 9-11% combined with the purchase price that YOU the seller would have to give up at time of closing. So let’s say the house is sold for $100,000 after subtracting 3% for closing costs and the maximum of 8% commission from a realtor you are left with only $89,000! Furthermore, if you have a mortgage and are making payments up until the closing you could be losing out on thousands of dollars more.

Divorced And Need To “Sell My House Fast Florida”?

  • For many people going through the divorce process, they want to be rid of the payments and any horrible memories that are stuck with the property. However for those who qualify we provide an immediate solution to your problem house. We are not realtors and require no commissions or fees. At DPF Property Solutions we work directly with lenders which means we possess the ability to close within 10 days or less! Bypass the long drawn out realtor process and never make another mortgage payment on your home!


  • Skip over all the renovations and repairs the home may need because we will buy your home “AS- IS” no repairs needed. We will make you a hassle free all CASH offer today! Just fill out this form below and receive a free consultation on your home within 48 hours or less. If you need immediate assistance contact us today we can be reached directly at  941-465-9303! Remember if you have a property selling due to divorce Florida we can help solve your solution no matter the situation, condition, or location.

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Property Selling Due To Divorce Florida

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