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How to Sell A House With Little to No Equity In Florida?

Selling a home is a long complicated process that the majority of us seems overwhelming and daunting. If a homeowner owes the equivalent or more of what the home is valued the process is even more frustrating. Equity in a home is the purest and the most simplistic process of selling a home quickly. For the homeowners with little to no equity in Florida, they will face many obstacles to overcome during the sales process. Foreclosure is the biggest and most feared obstacle any homeowner can encounter. However, do not give up hope just yet. If you are asking the question “How to Sell A House With Little to No Equity In Florida?” then we have the solution for you.

What is home equity?

By definition, home equity is the marketable value of a homeowners interest in a piece of property. This is the difference between the current market value of the home and the homeowner’s mortgage balance. As the homeowner pays down the mortgage balance, equity increases in the property. Another way equity increase is through appreciation of the property over time.

This is the increase in the market value due to positive factors in the housing market. Lack of equity has an appearance of doom and gloom for homeowners. Although this is not the case for many. Homeowners with little to no equity in Florida do have options. These are a few ways how to sell a house with little to no equity in Florida, read on to learn more.

Selling a House Fast With No Equity Through a Realtor

Realtors are the first source to learn how to sell a house with little to no equity in Florida. A realtor is a licensed agent who sells the home on behalf of the homeowner in exchange for a roughly 6-7% commission. If you are a homeowner who has a large amount of equity and a home in absolutely immaculate condition then this is the obvious decision for you. On the other hand homeowners with little to no equity in Florida, this is not a fit.

Homeowners with little to no equity cannot afford a pricey commission rate of 6-7% and even if they were willing to pay out of pocket for this many realtors would still not list the home. Based on a realtors criteria a home with no equity has to be sold at market value. Selling at market value requires an ideal buyer with perfect credit and a large supply of funds this buyer is scarce. When it comes down to it a realtor will not list your home for those reasons.

Short Sales

Negotiating a sale of a home for less than the amount owed on a property is a short sale. In theory, a short sale comes off as the Messiah himself rising again to save all of his homeowners with no equity from foreclosure. When something sounds too good to be true it probably is this is the case of the short sale. Here are three reasons why short sales almost always fall through.

Reason number one is the offer is to low and is declined by the lending institution. Reason number two is the second lending institution holding a lien against the property believes the offer is too low for them and declines. Similar to a common issue when listing with a realtor the same calls for our last issue with short sales. Our last issue is the buyer fails to qualify due to limited to funds or lack of credit.

For Sale By Owner

Our savvy risque homeowners with the belief in themselves to sell their home will take this route. The for sale by owner method eliminates realtor costs and maximizes the profit of the sale. For owners with title to properties that are free and clear this is the definite route. Homeowners with little to no equity in the property will have trouble overcoming obstacles to finding a buyer, qualifying them, and completing necessary paperwork. Traditional buyers seeking conventional financing will not qualify for this home. An all-cash buyer is what owners with no equity are looking for and these are nearly nonexistent.

Allowing DPF Property Solutions LLC to Solve Your Problems

DPF Property Solutions LLC is a group of private investors who specialize in buying houses with little to no equity in Florida. Due to our extensive knowledge and resources, we offer three solutions to a homeowner facing possible foreclosure due to no equity.

Solution #1:

Taking over existing mortgage payments and avoiding foreclosure. We will make your payments and even back payments if necessary allowing you the homeowner to relocate, transfer jobs, be free of an estate, and avoid foreclosure.

Solution #2:

Our second solution would be a lease option agreement between the buyer (DPF Property Solutions LLC) and the seller (Homeowner). The lease option solution is an agreement where the buyer gives a down payment and makes monthly payments in exchange for an option to purchase the property based on the terms given. For a homeowner facing little to no equity, this is great because it puts cash in your pocket where there was none and monthly payments attribute to the mortgage balance.

Solution #3:

DPF Property Solutions LLC will make your home our number one priority and will come out of pocket to pay for marketing costs of the property in exchange for an option to buy. This means we will market your property for FREE with no commission costs and will only make money based on the difference between our purchase price and the purchase price of our buyer.

To learn more about how we solve your problems and for questions please head on over to “FAQ”

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How To Sell A House With Little To No Equity In Florida?
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