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How To Buy A House With No Or Bad Credit In Florida

How to buy a house with no or bad credit in Florida? This is a question that millions of us ask on a daily basis. The first step is understanding what bad credit actually means. Bad credit by definition is when an individuals credit history reflects that the borrower has a high credit risk.

Credit scores range from low (580 to 619), average (620 to 679), good (680 to 699), excellent (700 to 850) with the highest possible score being 850 points.

With the recent recession in the past few years, many of us have lost jobs and had businesses fail which leads to the biggest financial killer bankruptcy.  According to the Wall Street Journal, 25% of Americans have a FICO credit score that is less than 600! On the other side, a large percentage of Americans have no credit which is actually worse than having poor credit. Those of us with no credit will not even be considered by a lending institution when financing a house. However, there is hope for those with poor or no credit!  Here are five steps to improving one’s credit in Florida.

How To Improve One’s Credit In Five Simple Steps

  1. Establish Or Reestablish Credit Once Again –

    However, this time commit to paying off those high balances and not spending more than you earn.

  2. Increase Your Cash Flow –  

    Put in those extra hours at work and take that second job! You need to get current on outstanding debt and pay off underlying loans.

  3. Get Pre Approved! – 

    Before applying for loads of credit cards that will potentially result in lots of hard inquiries lowering your score. Google the shopping cart trick it is a proven method of getting pre-approved and avoiding those hard inquiries.

  4. Get a Secured Credit Card – 

    If you are uneasy about your immediate abilities to manage credit properly then get a secured credit line. Give the bank x amount of dollars in exchange for the same x amount in credit this way you cannot spend more than you have.

  5. Pay Everything On Time – 

    No matter the situation it is absolutely vital that those with no credit or improving credit pay their balances on time! How else is the bank ever going to trust you with that one million dollar credit line again?

How DPF Property Solutions Will Help You!

The journey to the excellent credit of 850 and low-interest rates with little money down will take years. Fortunately, we at DPF Property Solutions specialize in providing solutions for those with little to no credit. There are many ways unknown the common home buyer to own property without credit.

  • Seller Financing – We provide beautiful homes in good locations to those of us that do not have credit for traditional financing. Seller financing is when the seller agrees to allow the buyer to make payments on a month to month basis until the purchase price of the home is paid off. Sometimes the seller will require a down payment in full and other times allow the buyer to pay some now and the rest later. When providing seller financing we do not require a good credit score or any credit score for that matter.

  • Leasing to Purchase – Similar to seller financing a “lease to purchase” situation is when the seller requires a small down payment, higher monthly payments with the end goal being that the seller refinances and pays the purchase price in full. In essence, this will allow home buyers that are trying to get back on their feet to improve their credit while living in a beautiful home until they can afford to refinance and purchase the property.

These are real situations that DPF Property Solutions provide to thousands of home buyers that want to buy a house with no or bad credit. Our motto is that we only provide win-win situations where the seller and the buyer gets a great deal. If you are a homeowner who wants to buy a house with no or bad credit in Florida and has given up hope then contact us today!

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How To Buy A House With No Or Bad Credit In Florida

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