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Can You Sell a House with Termite Damage In Florida?

How Do I Sell My Termite Damaged Home In Florida?

We buy termite damaged houses in Florida!

So, termites have overtaken your home but that’s not the worst part. The bad news is if there is visible damage, you may already be experiencing an infestation.

Wood that moves, floors that are beginning to swell, and visible signs of termite mazes in the walls and wooden furniture.

Termites are bad for buyers and destroy the market value of sellers homes.

Once termites have infested a property they cause severe damage. This means that termites eat at the wood which creates instability in the structure and foundation as well as destroying the safety of the property.



Untreated a termite infestation will make your home unlivable.

Home repairs are the first most obvious solution, however, it is one solution that can eat up any equity you have earned on the property.

Furthermore, the law requires all sellers to disclose all termite issues. In short, this means, even if you come out of pocket for the exterminator and any repairs needed, you may still lose the interest of the prospective buyer.

Why not save yourself the blood, sweat, and tears of making expensive home repairs and waiting for your home to sell on the market?

Selling your house traditionally with a realtor can take months, especially if you are trying to sell a house that has or previously had termite damage.

Then there are the various other factors to consider when selling a house…….

Other Factors…..

The difficult loan approval process, high costs of mortgage authorization, and demands made from difficult home buyers.

Imagine selling a home with termite damage, finding a buyer, getting them approved, and full disclosure of the termite damage destroying the chance of the sale.

These unwanted guests in your home eat away at furniture, the walls, cabinets, and floors.

They eat their way through the foundation and siding of your home.

They feed on wood no matter the location, inside or outside.

An exterminator will charge you thousands of dollars to raise a tent and fumigate the entire property.

Not only will time and money be spent prepping their house for fumigation, but you will also need to pay for housing during the fumigation.

Is that really worth the hassle?

Do not feel overwhelmed we have the simple solution to your question, ” How Do I Sell My Termite Damaged Home In Florida?

We buy ugly houses Florida no matter the condition!





How Do I Sell My Termite Damaged Home In Florida?

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Do We Buy Termite Damaged Houses In Florida?

If you or someone you know is a homeowner asking the question, “How Do I Sell My Termite Damaged Home In Florida?” then we have answers!


We buy termite damaged houses cash fast!

You can avoid all the hassles of selling a termite damaged house traditionally when contacting DPF Property Solutions LLC. We pay you all cash for your termite damaged house, and you will not need to make repairs.

We buy houses in -AS IS- condition, and will guide you through the entire transaction process. At DPF Property Solutions LLC we make fair and reasonable cash offers no matter the condition. Allowing you the homeowner to move on to your new home in as little as 10 days or less!

You do not have to worry about closing costs we take care of those for you! We are not realtors. We are a group of private investors that buy three to five houses every month regardless of the location, condition, or situation. When we buy water damaged houses there will be no commissions or fees because we are private investors.

We evaluate your home free of charge and there is no obligation to accept the offer you receive.

Contact DPF Property Solutions LLC so we can help you sell your home quickly and get you out of your termite damaged home.

Fill out the form above or call us directly at 941-465-9303!

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