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Can You Sell a House with Water Damage Bradenton Florida?

We Buy Water Damaged Houses Florida!

Can You Sell A House With Water Damage Florida?

We buy water damaged houses Florida!

Water damage is an expensive nightmare for homeowners everywhere. Water damage can also pose a serious health risk when left unattended.

Even the most valuable of your possessions are left unsafe from water damage. Furniture, appliances, plumbing issues, electronics, clothes, structural issues and more are all impacted when water is involved.

Mold grows over time the longer water damage is left lingering.  Not only is this a very serious health risk it is also costly to remove. Remember we buy water damaged houses Florida, better to stay safe than sorry.

Repair Services?

You may have contacted repair services to estimate the cost of repair, however upon evaluation were stunned by the cost!

The key to dealing with water damage is removing all water from the premises as soon as possible. For homeowners who do not want to spend the time and money, then you need an option that will provide a return on your home’s value.

Expensive home repairs are like vampires that will suck the equity right out of your home.

Health risks and the safety of your family must be the number one priority. Moisture in a home is a breeding ground for unhealthy mildew and mold, posing a serious health risk to your family.

Children and older adults are at high risk when exposed to mold and mildew. They have an underdeveloped or comprised immune system that struggles with fighting off the toxic mold.

If you do choose the repair route make certain they remove all the mold. Mold is a very difficult bacteria to remove thoroughly and if any trace is left it will cause serious damage to a human beings respiratory system.

That is why choosing expensive repair services may not be the best option for you. Fortunately, you can save yourself the time and misfortune by selling your home easily and fast.

Selling a water damaged home will be a very difficult task through traditional real estate methods. The average sale of a home is six months and your home is water damaged!  Furthermore, you must pay costly commissions and closing fees when the home is sold.

Buyers must be qualified traditionally and will have unreasonable demands to compensate for the water damage – keeping you up late at night wondering when and if your home will sell.


We Buy Water Damaged Houses Florida

Get a Cash Offer Fast!

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If you or someone you know is a homeowner asking the question, “Can You Sell A House With Water Damage In Florida?” then we have answers!


We buy water damaged houses Florida CASH FAST!

You can avoid all the hassles of selling a water damaged house traditionally when contacting DPF Property Solutions LLC. We pay you all cash for your water damaged house, and you will not need to make repairs.

We buy houses in -AS IS- condition, and will guide you through the entire transaction process. At DPF Property Solutions LLC we make fair and reasonable cash offers no matter the condition. Allowing you the homeowner to move on to your new home in as little as 10 days or less!

You do not have to worry about closing costs we take care of those for you! We are not realtors. We are a group of private investors that buy three to five houses every month regardless of the location, condition, or situation. When we buy water damaged houses Florida there will be no commissions or fees because we are private investors.

We evaluate your home free of charge and there is no obligation to accept the offer you receive.

Contact DPF Property Solutions LLC so we can help you sell your home quickly and get you out of your water damaged home.

Fill out the form above or call us directly at 941-465-9303!


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