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11 Tips For Avoiding Foreclosure In Florida

Purchasing a home can be a frightful experience. Imagine owning a home for 3 years, all the payments have been made on time and in full. When the fourth year rolls around, your job downsizes leaving you without work and a paycheck. If this is your fear you may be one...

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5 Signs It’s A Bad Investment

Justin Pierce from The Washington Post says too many new real estate investors are "easy prey." Nobody wants to be "easy prey" but unfortunately he is right, bad deals and advice run rampant in the industry. Veteran investors have even fooled by the debauchery of bad...

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The Problem With Wholesalers – Real Estate Investing

What Are The Main Issues With Wholesalers In Real Estate Investing? What are the main issues with wholesalers in real estate investing? As of today June 13th, 2018 the publishing of this article, the real estate investing industry is experiencing a massive phenomenon....

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