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Common Tenant Problems Florida


Refusal To Pay Due Rent

Bad Rental Tenants in Florida withhold rent from landlords when they experience cash flow shortage and temporary unemployment. Landlords will experience repair issues and maintenance problems as well. Communication is key when confronting a tenant about rent that is due left unpaid. Most important is staying calm and keeping emotions in check while negotiating a resolution to the issue at hand.

Discuss Payment

If the tenant has recently lost their job and fallen into some debt for any number of reasons, the next step is to structure a payment plan. As a human being as well a landlord you should be able to empathize with the tenant at will. From time to time they may be struggling with bills so take initiative and collect partial payments once a year. More so prorate late fees and delinquent rent for the remainder of the lease agreement. During situations when a tenant has lost their job and is short on cash you can take a partial payment and take the rest of the tenant’s security deposit. Do not forget to keep a strict regime on the payment plan and always remember to follow up by serving late fee notices 5 days after failure to pay rent.

Change Living Arrangements

For those good tenants who have recently run into financial hardship changing living arrangements is the best way to proceed. Instead of losing a genuinely good tenant who has a consistent track record of paying on time, place the tenant in another more affordable home or bring in roommates to assist the tenant with rent.

Bad Rental Tenants Slipping Through The Cracks

Beginning the rental application process is step number one in preventing bad rental tenants in Florida. One would hope that we are putting applicants through a credit check and gather important information such as social security number, vehicle identification number, length of employment, income per week, month, and annually during the process.  Even after completing the rental application process there is always an occasional rotten egg that slips through the cracks. Here are several ways landlords can weed out problem tenants and “rotten eggs”…….

Thorough Background Checks:

A background check is an investigation process compiling criminal, commercial and financial records of an individual. Furthermore credit checks, verifying employment, rental history, and interviewing prospective tenants.  Obtain one’s social security number, current address, parents address, friends address, and names to perform a credit check and always get permission beforehand. Bypass credit checks cost by making the potential renter pay for it or become a member of the credit bureau.

Show And Interview :
Primarily a landlord’s goal at his or her’s first showing is to listen as much as they can and gather information about why they are leaving their current residence and determine their expectations. Make sure the potential rental tenant completes an application during or after the showing.
Solicit Previous Landlords:
When speaking with potential applicants do not solicit the current landlord instead gain as much information about the potential tenant from previous landlords.
Direct Contact With The Applicants Employer:

Reach out to the potential applicant’s immediate supervisors and ask them leading questions that show if the applicant is honest, cooperative, and reliable.

Bad rental tenants in Florida sometimes can exhaust all of a landlords options even the ones mentioned in this article. If you or someone you know is a landlord that has exhausted all options and wants their life back today then we have a solution!

How We Provide Solutions

For landlords who do not want to be landlords anymore and are fed up with the late night calls and missed holidays due to bad rental tenants in Florida, we have answers. DPF Property Solutions LLC will solve your problem and give you the freedom and life that YOU deserve. No matter the situation, condition, or rental tenant we guarantee an all-cash offer. No matter the mortgage, liens, judgments, or how behind the payments are we will work with you for the best outcome. Please fill out this form below so we can learn more about how we can best suit your needs…… Remember DPF Property Solutions LLC Is Here For You!

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